Tadalafil ®

Cialis ® (Tadalafil) is used to treat erection problems in men.

Tadalafil Side effects

Tadalafil Side effects occur rather rarely. Sometimes occur: headache, back pain, dyspepsia (indigestion), myodynia (pain in the muscles), stuffy nose, and tides blood to a person. Eye pain and dizziness can sometimes be become apparent.

Tadalafil Side effects

Interaction with other drugs
Concurrent taking with drugs, which contain organic nitrates, the composition of which includes isosorbide mononitrate, dinitrate (dispersible tablets under the tongue, patches, pastes, sprays, ointments) strictly contraindicated.

How Tadalafil works?
Tadalafil helps to relax the arteries of penis, increases the amount of blood that flows to the genitals. Rapidly absorbed, improves erection and restores the natural sexual relations. It is very easy to use and safe.

Tadalafil perfectly restores the usual sex life of men who suffer erectile dysfunction of varying degree. The drug has no effect on blood pressure and causes no change of heart rate, it has no effect on the composition of the sperm, the acuity of vision, the perception of colours and the level of testosterone in the blood.

What to choose a generic or original?
Generic is the same as the analog of the well-known medicines. It is assumed that the В«originalВ» must be countered with a «fake, fake» product. Fortunately on Generics can’t say that. Generics are the same chemical composition of the original drugs, and are produced in strict accordance with all international standards (GMP).

No need to overpay, their price, with a total coincidence of the therapeutic properties of the brand, significantly lower. This is the main advantage of generics.

Unsure of what to choose: buy Tadalafil (generic) or original drug? You discourages the uncertainty of the generic or the high price of the original?

Then you should buy Tadalafil and appreciate the advantages.

  • - they are more accessible for the buyers due to its not a big price;
  • - are generic drugs as safe and equally effective as the originals;
  • - the popularity of generic drugs in the Internet-stores and pharmacies is very high.

The pharmacological properties of the generics are quite capable to replace the original drug.

Does the drug with severe erectile dysfunction?
Yes. According to the results of tests, the men from mild to severe erectile dysfunction showed an increase of potency in 81% of cases.

Whether it is possible to take Tadalafil suffering diabetes?
Yes, you can. In men with diabetes who participated in clinical trials, when taking Tadalafil noted the improvement of the erection in 68% of cases.

Whether it is possible to take Tadalafil every day a long time?

  1. Doctors do not recommend the use of the drug every day.
  2. Is it possible to get a erection in the absence of desires?
  3. No, for that would arise sexual desire, need to sexual excitement.